Dirante CEO

Dear all friends,

Thanks for your time to know us.

We are a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials, like cold corming blister foil, tropical blister foil, aluminium blister lidding foils, etc. with the 100,000 grade (ISO class 8 / GMP class C) purification and cleanliness workshop.

There has been an increased emphasis on cleanliness and risk mitigation in past twenty years in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, which leads to improvements in process control, validation, and supply-chain risk management, Packaging today is stronger, more functional, and lower cost. Sterile barrier medical device packaging is an integral part of a comprehensive and effective healthcare delivery system.

In a pharmaceutical packaging industry which will considerably change to meet the aging society, my vision of the company is to contribute to society with the advanced equipments, scientific manufacturing management and high efficient service system.

We would like to share further excitement together with customs from domestic and abroad. Furthermore, it is my wish to see this company grows further, to be a known enterprise with more than 100 years history.


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1000 meters west of Huangzhuang Village, Dianzhuang Town, Yibin District, Luoyang, 471942 Henan Province, P .R. China